Trustworthy, Innovative, Qualified Taking the charge of providing innovative and top quality products blended with uptrends and the today’s technology, Boyut publishing has a wide range of products from digital products to printed products. For this purpose, beside the 24 years of experience of coorperating with 50 different kinds of international publishers, also 1700 different publishing issues have been produced with its successful team of editors and writers.

Boyut Publishing Group’s business and solution partners are placed on the list of Turkey’s and the world’s most successful and largest organizations. The companies of Boyut Publishing Group which demand the highest quality on the services and the products from the companies of whose licenses they hold, present the experiences and the high quality standards to the companies they collaborate with and share their success with their business partners.

Making quality and innovation two main concepts on pruducing, Boyut Publishing produces encyclopaedic publications, fascicle formatted reference publications, music CDs, CD / VCD-Books, three-dimensional DVDs, three-dimensional books, digital training sets, as well as DVD documentaries in different formats.