» Turkey's biggest and most exciting online bookstore and more! “Fast and Secure Online Access to More Than 1500 Products” The, Boyut Publishing Group's online store with an easy-to-use interface and simple design; offers easy, fast and secure online access to Boyut's products for end-user consumers. The website is designed, developed and updated constantly by Boyut’s very own professional team of web designers, software developers, and e-marketing specialists.

The operates on Boyut’s state of the art *data center using the latest technology, with ultra high speed broadband fiber-optic internet networks. Boyut’s professional team of network engineers and IT technicians monitors the systems making sure that access to the web sites is seamless. All purchases are handled, fast, correctly and efficiently from order to delivery. More than 1500 of Boyut books, magazines, collectors and hobby items, childrens books and toys, music and movie sets of CDs and DVDs, and many other products are available at

Alongside with Boyut’s entire product line, also offers online marketing and sales to other publishing firms products. With all other major publishers and bookstores that are cooperating with Boyut, both locally and internationally, qualify the as one of the largest online bookstores in Turkey.
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