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"A Personal Book Advisor” for more than one million people in Turkey! Boyut Publishing Group strongly believes that publishing today, should be about the life itself... and cover every aspect of life we are living. Publishing should be more than just creating and serving information and knowledge for the people. Therefore, we think that publishing must be based on creating content and products which are derived from the core of people's everyday life in a way that a Boyut product can be a part of someone's life.

Boyut has its own Call Center and Customer Relations Management (CRM) with over 140 employees who are, more than sales agents who sell and promote the products to consumers. They are also a part of Boyut’s team of “Personal Book Advisors” receiving 6.000 calls from customers everyday. Their job not only consist of assisting customers about books, but also DVD movie sets, music, literature, and all other Boyut products that fulfill cultural and intellectual needs of the consumer.

By evaluating and analyzing the mass data collected by our in-house Call Center consisting of contact and purchase informations, purchase histories, personal interests and needs, suggestions, family backgrounds all provided by over one million of our customers, Boyut makes sure that products are targeted, marketed and sold to the correct group of customers.

This marketing and business model creates a personal relationship between Boyut CRM and the customer who are actually described by Bülent Özükan, Founder and CEO of Boyut Publishing Group, as “Family of One Million Boyut Readers, we don't see them as a customer. They are part of our family” rather than just a 'customer'".