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Boyut Publishing Group has a line of periodical publications, mainly targeting various business sectors in tourism, catering.
Arredamento Mimarlık
Published in February 1989, Arredamento Mimarlık, (Mimarlık=Architecture) has been expanding its readers cognitive perspective on architectural culture and design society. Being one of the longest-running prime time architectural magazine published today, "Arredamento Mimarlık" owns its successful publication history to its broad and captivating context that is not just limited to design and construction industry, but is also incorporating an extensive content and editorial strategy of focusing on exclusive architectural concepts, unique and engaging artistic designs with variety of cultural attributes.
Holding its place among top 10 magazines in the the segment, The “Gastronomi” journal of Hotel and Culinary Equipment, Food & Beverage, "Gastronomi" has been building bridges between tourism and tourism industry professionals with its over 13 thousand devoted readers, who are in constant look out for occupational augmentation in this sector.
Banyo Mutfak
Established in 1998, “Bath & Kitchen-Banyo Mutfak” magazine has been a crucial source for many individuals from housewives to caregivers with its array of intriguing insights into this popular design field. “Bath & Kitchen” has been staying true to its philanthropic reputation by perpetually following the guidelines of Ceramic Bath and Kitchen Industry Standards for over 10 years. Being in immense demand in this competitive sector, “Bath & Kitchen” now meets its audience every two months on retail shelves and online bookstores.
Ofis İletişim
Since 1997, “Ofis Iletişim-Office and Communication” magazine, has been a trusted source for communication technology & equipment , office solutions & appliances. Being Information and Communication sectors most powerful publication released twice a year “Office and Communication” brings its readers the office design and decoration, information and communication sectors most up to date cutting edge concepts, collections, designs and ideas with its live interactive news and feeds, covering vast, extensive and meticulous fieldwork research knowledge from office flooring and lighting materials, office ventilation and security appliance to complete and constantly updated listings to retailers and outlets to these solutions are just a few to mention.
“Evdeyiz” magazine has been established and custom tailored in response to Woodworking and Textile Industries substantially inclusive demand, by MOSDER and Boyut Publishing Group’s ingenious flagship collaboration. Published every 3 months “Evdeyiz” magazine enlightens its fellow readers with its comprehensive content covering diverse areas within the home improvement, regional and foreign interior design and decoration, furniture and textile industry, with an unshakable mission of sticking to the sectors perpetually evolving, innovative, neoteric guidelines that provides a vast platform of information exchange for the sectors emerging professionals.
"Zücaciye Dünyasına Focus" magazine is a exclusive first in Turkeys publishing history, that is coinciding the Glassware sector with industry professionals, world markets and international outlets, by reaching out and answering all the needs of the operators and the owners of hotels, restaurants, places of leisure and amusement. With its comprehensive and meticulous information on regional and foreign glass, porcelain, metal, electric appliance and industrial devices, table textile, vast variety of decoration, promotional goods and its products samples, manufacturers and marketers profile details, "Zücaciye Dünyasına Focus" meets its readers twice a month. Elaborate and intricate information on research, technological innovations, new releases, products and trends, product development process and workflow also included in this one of its kind unparalleled Magazine, "Zücaciye Dünyasına Focus" undertakes the sectors need of international marketing and transportation of industries products, as a critical mission to its chest.
Founded in 1995 by Boyut Publication Company and holding its place for over 12 years, "Jazz" is Turkeys one and only jazz music magazine. Being released every 3 months, "Jazz" doesn't just compete with its international rivals but also connects and unites its exclusive Turkish jazz music fans that only make up the ten percent of the regional population. "Jazz" offers interviews, new album releases, complete articles and photographs revealing the newest emerging artist and young talents that has never been heard of before.