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“Reaching all of 81 cities in Turkey, shipping over 10 million products a year!! ”
Boyut Interactive is the youngest and the most dynamic company within the Boyut Publishing Group, with its distributional partner companies Yaysat and Turkuvaz. Boyut Interactive is capable of reaching 24.000 bookstores and shops throughout Turkey. This creates a powerful and solid network of product distribution and sale for Boyut Interactive. Boyut Interactive has wholesale deals both with major bookstore franchises around Turkey and local bookstores around Istanbul and nearby regions.

Over 4 million periodical publishings alone are delivered to 460 bookstores and newsstands in a month around the country. More than 600 products are shipped and delivered to individual customers everyday. Today, Boyut Interactive with its own custom direct marketing, shipment and delivery network, as well as its own storage facilities is capable of reaching all of 81 cities in Turkey. Boyut Publishing Group has a very strong network that reaches over 1 million customers shipping over 10 million products in Turkey in 2011. Alongside its own products, Boyut Publishing Group also provides logistics, shipping, distrubution and sales for other publishing firms and their products, including Naval Museum of Istanbul (Deniz Müzesi), Büke Publishing (Büke Yayınları) and Esen Offset Printing (Esen Ofset)