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Founded 27 years ago, Boyut Publishing has published over 1,700 products working and cooperating with 50 major International publishing firms from around the world. Boyut has more than 50 global  publishing partners including BBC, Britannica, Murdoch and DeAgostini.

Boyut Publishing Group has a wide range of products. Innovation and quality are the two main concepts of our production and creativity. From printed products to digital publishing, we cover all the aspects and segments of today's publishing world, with our works developed and created by our experienced and powerful editorial staff and more than 50 respected authors in Turkey.
"Its Our Philosophy... Endless innovation and quality…"
Our printed products and publications consist of periodical magazines, children’s books, art books, CD and DVD book sets, 3D books, special edition collection books, novels covering subjects like cooking, travel, sports and fitness, food and catering, hobbies, self improvement as well as publications  specializing in tourism, and industrial businesses.

Boyut Publishing Group has a unique and special bond with the tourism industry in Turkey, as Boyut has created special publications and services both for the tourists/travellers and tourism professionals.  TurizmdeBuSabah.com is Turkey’s leading online newspaper for tourism industry, setting the news and information agenda for the industry professionals.  www.travelguide.com.tr is Turkey’s leading online hotel and travel guide with booking services. Boyut has also published award winning travel books. Istanbul Travel Guide, the winner of the Best Travel Book Award for the city of Istanbul in Turkey, has been published in 2008 in 7 different languages including Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, German, Italian and Spanish and has been printed with more than 250,000 copiesto to this day.

In addition, Boyut Publishing Group also provides publishing and printing services to TUSİD, MOSDER, İMMİB, ZÜCDER which are amongst Turkey’s leading non-governmental organizations, and to many other companies in the country from various industries and segments.

Boyut’s very own Information and Technology (IT) department and infrastructure are operating twelve web sites of Boyut which provide contents about news, information, food and catering, business, childcare, travel, education, art and Web TV/IPTV applications.

There are also digital products that utilise applications developed for the mobile devices, such as iPads, iPhones and Android systems, thus allowing Boyut Publishing Group to adapt itself to today's latest trends in online publishing.

Boyut also specializes in video and music entertainment with products consisting of audio and music CDs, DVD, VCD and Blu-ray Discs with movies, HD and 3D documentaries, music, live concerts. Videos are mainly about food and catering, education and hobby, fitness and sports, childcare, cartoons and entertainment contents for children. With its own post-production studios, Boyut Publishing Group is capable of managing audio, video and music recording, editing and various kinds of post production for its own products such as voice acting, dubbing and editing subtitles for videos (VCD – DVD – Blu-ray). Boyut produces, records and edits videos for upcoming products and for its own online content, Web TV/IPTV using the latest and best technology, professional staff and equipment.