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Boyut Publishing Group also provides publishing, editorial, marketing and printing services to other companies besides its own products.

Boyut continues its very own innovative approach towards publishing by creating digital products for business clients and companies such as interactive web sites, st DVD-s, CD Roms, advertorial promotional video - audio production for companies and clients on mobile devices and websites and publications for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android systems.

Boyut Publishing Group, provides four major media and marketing services to companies in from various sectors and industries in Turkey.

These are;
  • Printed Publications; such as books company magazines, promotional publications printed ads booklets and inserts
  • Marketing; advertising, sales, tele-marketing and online marketing.
  • Printing Works; Offset Printing, Digital Printing and Packaging
  • Logistics; Shipping and distribution of products.
Boyut Publishing Group has a special interest on business publishing and advertising solutions for more than 1000 hotels and 250 companies in tourism and other service related industries in Turkey.

Boyut creates and applies a variety of designs that range from influential and appealing layout and cover designs to corporate advertisements that reach the right target audience. Boyut’s primary aim is to feature creativity and effectiveness with its meticulous work both on its own publishings and business partners’ additional, creative and printing needs.

Boyut Publishing Group also provides publishing and printing services to TUSİD, MOSDER, İMMİB, ZÜCDER which are amongst Turkey’s leading non-governmental organizations, and to many other companies in the country from various industries and segments.

Boyut Publishing Group’s business and solution partners are placed on the list of Turkey’s and the world’s largest, most successful organizations.
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