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Founded in 1985, Boyut Publishing Group has contributed to the Turkish society for 27 years with many different publication formats; such as books, magazines, booklets, CDs, DVD videos, atlases, enriching cultural and intellectual value of more than 1 million people’s lives in Turkey. More than a million children in Turkey had their pre-school education with Boyut’s products. More than 700.000 people started painting with Boyut’s Art Academy, book and video set and shared their art over; Turkey's first online social art network and art portal for amateur painting artists.

In the past, publication was considered as a business done, using very few and only printed type of media format including printed books, newspapers, periodical magazines for consumers, while commercial publishing was carried out with booklets, brochures, catalogues, and printed ads, signs for advertising and promotional purposes.

In today's world with the rapid rise of the Internet and digital consumer technologies of not just personal computers (PCs) but also mobile devices such as smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry etc) and tablet computers (iPad, Android); publishing is becoming increasingly digital in virtual space, with a rising demand. Boyut Publishing Group strongly believes, using the Information Technologies of the 21st century is essential in today's publishing business.

Advances in Information Technologies make it easier for publishers to create content for digital publishings while reducing production costs substantially. This provides an enthusiastic and encouraging approach towards the modern publishing and permits visionary firms like Boyut Publishing Group and others alike to create more and more digital content for PCs and mobile devices.

Prime example of Boyut’s digital publishing enthusiasm is the; Boyut’s very own Internet encyclopedia and pedia site. Here, all the publications created and owned by Boyut Publishing Group for the past 27 years are digitally archived and available free of charge on the public domain. We continue our innovative approach towards publishing by creating digital products for personal computers such as interactive web sites, Web TV streaming with new content everyday, DVD-ROMs, CD Roms, and applications for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android systems.