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Boyut Publishing Group reaches out to children and families with its enriched line of publication products from child-care videos, children cartoons, movies to most prominent books on motherhood.
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"" is an interactive website for motherhood, family and childcare, a news and lifestyle portal for families, created and edited by professional editors and coresspondents. With its daily straming content with interactive feeds, news strips, blogs, interviews and articles, "" ,and with its unique original content "Anne TV" which is exclusively created for mothers and fathers. "Anne TV" broadcast offers guidance and counselling from vast field of health professionals, public figures, childcare experts.

Online blog of AnneBoyutu "Kadin Adasi - Woman Bay " offers a platform where women can express themselves freely about motherhood and issues effects women, with photo albums and articles. All "Anne TV" filming, video and audio productions and post production is handled by "BoyutTV".