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Success has been a never-ending symphony for us...

Established in 1985 Boyut Publishing Group have been a unique force of creativity, passion and practical efficiency for more than 27 years in Turkish media industry.

Enriching and providing intellectual and cultural needs of Turkish people with more than 1500 Boyut books,periodical magazines, collectors and hobby items, children's books and toys, music, and movie sets of CDs and DVDs, business and sectoral publications from tourism to catering...

Reaching over 1 million end-users in Turkey. Shipping over 10 million products a year, to all of 81 cities in Turkey.

Specializing in Digital Media, Boyut Publishing provides its end- users with unique website content, free of charge to end with 27 of its own web sites. Covering every aspect of life such business, lifestyle, travel and tourism, architecture art, educational websites for children. Boyut also provides mobile applications similar content for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Boyut has a very strong network that reaches over 1 million end users in Turkey. Shipping over 10 million products in 2011, capable of reaching all of 81 cities in Turkey.

We are provide a special gateway for our business customers and partners, both locally and worldwide. Innovating and providing the very best in publishing printing, telemarketing, online marketing and advertising services that is creative, relevant, exciting, innovative, fresh, cost effective, profitable , informative, accurate, specific and unique content. We understand our business partners, the business partners and the media industry in which we operate. We know how to relate and interact with them and can provide the need and demand. Our Expert knowledge that will enable Boyut to maximum exposure and reception of publishing, advertising marketing and printing market in Turkey.