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Ayoung publishing house that now has left a quarter of a century behind it. During our 27 years we have endeavored to add all of the colors, sounds and sights of life to the palette of our publishing list. Directed as they are at all aspects of life, the variety of publications that are displayed in this catalogue represents our greatest legacy. We set sail on the winds of publishing propelled forward by our creativity. On the day we succeeded in implementing an innovation previously believed impossible in Turkey, we were already long on our way to searching for even newer innovations. Our success with colors and sounds became our unfinished symphony. With our more than 300 member staff through our 27 years we have only resembled ourselves. To be more succinct, we became the first and only one of our kind in Turkey and - perhaps it may be persumptious - but we can even claim to be among the very top in the world.
As technology set the entire sector topsy-turvy with its new shapes and forms, we at Boyut also reshaped our own selves with the way we carry out our publishing activities.

"It’s a simple rule of geometry: a table that stands firmly on the ground is one with three legs. It never shakes..." This means that three legs, or three points, constitute a sound organization.
The Boyut Publishing Group is made up of three legs...

The first does the imagining… Boyut Yayıncılık [Publishing] Corporation.

The second does the manufacturing... manufacturing...that is, the production: Boyut Matbaacılık [Printing] Corporation.

The third does the integration... Boyut İnteraktif Kültür Ürünleri Pazarlama [Interactive Culture Products Marketing] Corporation.

We have more than 1000,000 culturel products consumers in our data base which is increasing every year We are perhaps the only publisher in the world that can pre-plan to which readers on the data base we can sell our about-to-be published book... this is not an empty boast. This is what we experience and this is what we do...

You now belong to one of the more than 1000,000 Boyut families who care about culture…

Just as the corner grocery stores were completely overtaken by supermarkets, the neighborhood bookshops have also been swallowed up by shopping centers and have disappeared into time’s long tunnel.

Who to go to a shop to purchase a cultural product represent less than 35% of the population of the Culture Comprising Area of Turkey. Our Boyut Interactive Culture Products Marketing Company sends cultural products to 901 counties and 750 townships in each of the 81 provinces, reaching 96% of the total population of Turkey. We are entering our 27th year of business by developing licensing agreements with more than 30 global publishers, including BBC, Brittannica, Dorling Kindersley, Murdoch and DeAgostini. Books created by Boyut are also being published in various countries of the world under Boyut licensing. These successes will continue and will continue to add notes to Boyut’s unfinished symphony.

The Founder and Chairman of the
Boyut Group of Companies